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Our Story

How's Your Marriage?

A quick visit to the courthouse and we were married!  We did have a clue what we had just done or what was ahead of us.  


Fast-forward 14 years and divorce was now an option.  The questions in front of us were, build or destroy, stay or leave?  


We decided to stay and try to build.  What we have learned and are still learning birth Marriage Refresh! 


We want to share our journey with you to help you heal and strengthen your marriage?   

Couples & Individual Coaching

We are currently offering couple and individual coaching on a limited basis.  For availability, please send us a message using the link below. 

What We Do

Group Facilitation & Presentation

We offer a variety of teachings for couples and singles for relationship development.  

Invite us to facilitate or participate in your next event by scheduling a discovery call using the link below.